Re-connect with yourself


So in these times of uncertainties, it has become inevitable to reconnect with one’s inner source, finding fulfilment derived from motivation. What keeps you hustling every day? Is it something from your past life? Perhaps it was lived in poverty and helplessness. Is it your children? Just knowing you want to give them the best of everything? Is it a fear for poverty in this life? Is it a past experience? Knowing one bad turn can lead to an irreversible disaster? Whatever it is that won’t let you stay down, now more than ever before, you need to re-align your focus and re-energize yourself for the next phase of your life.

Come to think of it, what are you working endlessly for? Money? Money is important but in most cases it’s not the critical factor that influences performance at the end of the day. And in some cases, offering more money can actually harm performance. If that sounds naive in the current climate, let’s consider one of the worst-case scenarios for a moment. This is where somebody loses their job or their business fails, and as a consequence loses their home. They and their family have to move out into poorer quality accommodation, lose many of their possessions and survive on a far more meagre budget than they are accustomed to.

Now there’s no denying the pain of the financial hardships they face, and the practical difficulties this causes. But they have lost a lot more than money and a nice home. They also have an acute sense of losing their job satisfaction, their status, their independence, their sense of control, their sense of purpose, their sense of making a contribution, their social life at work, their place in society, their dignity and whatever makes up the honor and pride of accomplishment. This is the real pain of a recession, not the financial indexes or the balance sheets, but the loss of meaning and purpose.

On the other hand, drawing from the instance given above, we find the things that really motivate people to keep doing what they do every day which are:

  • job satisfaction
  • status
  • independence
  • a sense of control
  • a sense of purpose
  • a sense of making a contribution
  • a sense of being appreciated
  • reputation
  • a social life at work
  • a place in society
  • dignity

Again, money is important, but for most people it won’t outrank all of the items on the list. I know some people who would draw the line at a money making scheme that would limit their control and independence. Here are the things you need to look out for, however, in finding your motivation as it relates to your daily survival:

  1. Intrinsic motivation, that is, satisfaction in the work itself. I just took up a new job and someone asked me if I am enjoying it. For me, that fact that I’m able to solve a problem daily and overcome challenges rather than being drowned in it is learning ground for me to be better at what I do which will give me a leverage that translates and affects my bottom line continuously.
  2. Extrinsic motivation, that is, rewards for doing the work. Nothing is more gratifying than recognition and commensurate value for an effort put into hard work. I cried out once to say, I want pay-off for my writing. And the other person asked me what I consider as rewarding in that regard. For me, it’s just recognition for my work. It’s not in comparing myself to the success of another person but the recognition and impact that my work brings unto other people.
  3. Personal motivation, that is, individual values. I have always wanted to be a good influence in society and I’ve wanted this way before I knew people can just be wealthy for being influential. That passion still drives me and it keeps me doing what I do. It gives me fulfilment
  4. Interpersonal motivation, that is, the influence of other people. I have very few people in my life I dare to talk to about a situation without coming out from that discussion room a different, more pumped, energized and convinced person. And that’s the kind of influence that’s acceptable. When people don’t necessarily have to say what is sweet and pleasurable but they are honest and true words – addressing issues objectively and empowering you to make better informed decisions.

If you lose all senses, don’t lose your motivation. Find it and hold on to it!

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