Re-connect with yourself

So in these times of uncertainties, it has become inevitable to reconnect with one’s inner source, finding fulfilment derived from motivation. What keeps you hustling every day? Is it something from your past life? Perhaps it was lived in poverty and helplessness. Is it your children? Just knowing you want to give them the best of everything? Is it a fear for poverty in this life? Is it a past experience? Knowing one bad turn can lead to an irreversible disaster? Whatever it is that won’t let you stay down, now more than ever before, you need to re-align your focus and re-energize yourself for the next phase of your life.

Come to think of it, what are you working endlessly for? Money? Money is important but in most cases it’s not the critical factor that influences performance at the end of the day. And in some cases, offering more money can actually harm performance. If that sounds naive in the current climate, let’s consider one of the worst-case scenarios for a moment. This is where somebody loses their job or their business fails, and as a consequence loses their home. They and their family have to move out into poorer quality accommodation, lose many of their possessions and survive on a far more meagre budget than they are accustomed to. … More Re-connect with yourself

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