Love Triangle: Who’s the loser really?


I’d like to believe the game of love is for adults. Pardon me for calling it a game but life itself is a race, isn’t it? And racing is a sport, a game. So in this game of love, there ought to be 2 adults – loving me, loving you – only 2. Where you have Titi loving Tayo, and Tayo loving Tolu, who’s going to love Titi?

Someone gave a formula for love triangle:

Love triangle = 1 familiar guy + 1 girl + 1 exciting new guy

In my recent posts, I talked about change – change in relationships, when a husband has checked out of his marriage or a wife is emotional detached from her marriage or how couples just grow up wanting different things. Couples give room for these things happen because they fail to communicate and give each other a place in their hearts to grow together, investing in each other’s tomorrow. We don’t always have to like the same things, human beings are different, raised differently and beliefs can’t always be the same but it doesn’t mean we cannot support each other and encourage each other if we truly love each other. Nevertheless where there is no communication or where there is no tolerance to embrace the changes we inevitably go through, we begin to look for unnecessary distractions.

So you meet this fresh new girl or this fresh new bloke reminding you of what your life could have been, chances are, you begin to fantasize out of reality. Before you are able to caution yourself, you want to eat your cake and have it. Your relationship will suffer for it and what you ought to have giving your time and energy to becomes the least thing you care about.

As humans, whatever we can eat secretly tends to be sweeter and more exciting than what is served to us on a table but take a moment to think about it, what really is the pride in having someone who will never be yours? A new and exciting third wheel is only new until you find nothing new and exciting about that person anymore. So who’s the loser in a love triangle? Go figure!

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