The pride in being yours

I wake up every morning feeling blessed.

You must be the best thing that ever happened to me.

I longed for so much love from my days of youth.

And it’s such a joy that I get to pour out my love to you every day.

My love is made complete in your love.

In your care for me, I know that I am loved.

When I’m not with you,

With you is everywhere I want to be,

And when I’m with you,

Nothing else matters.

And it’s all perfect, blissful, wonderful, mind-blowing,

This out of the world experience,

All because you are mine

And I,

I will be yours always in every birth

As you will be mine in every lifetime

This is be confidence and pride in being yours.
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Love Triangle: Who’s the loser really?

I’d like to believe the game of love is for adults. Pardon me for calling it a game but life itself is a race, isn’t it? And racing is a sport, a game. So in this game of love, there ought to be 2 adults – loving me, loving you – only 2. Where you have Titi loving Tayo, and Tayo loving Tolu, who’s going to love Titi?

Someone gave a formula for love triangle:

Love triangle = 1 familiar guy + 1 girl + 1 exciting new guy … More Love Triangle: Who’s the loser really?

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