He loved her anyway

I discovered this new blog yesterday and I’m enchanted already. More because it centers on female advocacy that I try to dabble into once in a while. One of the stories I read reminded me of a story a friend recounted to me years ago. Allow me to share with you.

Fadeke is now in her 40s. She’s been married for almost 10years but more than half of that time, her husband has been with this same girl and Fadeke is fully aware of it all – where she works, where she leaves, how her husband sees her every single day of the week and so on. Of course, she’s not fine with it but since her faith is different now, she believes there’s no battle you can’t win on your knees. So she does 21days fasting, dry fast, 40days, and mountain praying till she was diagnosed with peptic ulcer. Has it worked for her? I honestly don’t know. I personally don’t like to be overly interested in the aspect of people’s lives they wish away. … More He loved her anyway

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