25 Rituals that make relationships last


  1. Show respect
  2. Laugh together
  3. Always support each other no matter what
  4. Give each other lots of room
  5. Trust your partner
  6. Compromise
  7. Never go to bed angry
  8. Forgive and forget, holding back nothing
  9. Leave the past in the past
  10. Compliment your partner often
  11. Don’t try to change each other
  12. Show appreciation and gratitude daily for little things
  13. Stay true and loyal
  14. Encourage each other
  15. Don’t judge
  16. Talk honestly about problems
  17. Remember those important dates and special moments spent together
  18. Give more than you take
  19. Begin and end each day together
  20. Part with a kiss and meet with a kiss
  21. Make sure every dinner is romantic
  22. Check in on each other even when you are at work
  23. Turn your phone off at least an hour before bed
  24. Leave a surprise note
  25. Try new things

Do you agree?

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