TGIF– Breathe it in!


Thank God it’s Friday!

Finally, some time for me. A little relaxing, a little reading, a little writing, a little sleeping, a little dancing, a little family bonding, and a lot less tension.

Ah! I can breathe some air of relief.

However, some people are just kill-joys. I refuse to let my spirit be down. Let me share one of the things that tick me off.

I’m all dressed for work or to go out. I get into my car and get on the road, blasting some of my favorite songs. Then a police somebody stops me and says, “Didn’t you see the red light?”

Like seriously? Once I was so mad, I told the woman, only a psycho will see a red light and drive past. I’m no psycho and besides, I’m a Christian. The lady goes, “So am I a devil worshipper?”

“Madam, I don’t know that but point is, I won’t see a red light and drive past”.

Now, among the many issues I have with the unidentified officers on Lagos roads, the traffic lighting system is one with dubious intents especially those round-abouts in Ikeja metropolis. You have traffic light on every curve of a round-about and I’m thinking how confusing or easy has the authorities made it for road users to comply without being confused to use the roads and obey the traffic lights? Suffice to say that we have enough mad drivers in Lagos in itself. How safe is it to halt a car in the middle of the road just because a traffic light signifies a stop. Urgh! So yes, that ticks me off.

I’m letting out the things that tick me off hoping I can enjoy another long weekend. What ticks you off? Let it all out so we can laugh it off together.

And yes, thanks Nigeria for the public holiday – we marking our 56th Independence.


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