The road to success is not pretty, but it is worth it

Success is like the torch you light in the presence of wind. Frustrations, discouragements, falls and disappointments are like the wind. They all want to put that fire out. You know what, NO ONE else is going to guard and keep that flame burning for you but you. Everyone else has their race to run and their flames to watch over till it guides them to their 10seconds of fame. But those hours, thousands of hours, sweat, tears and moments you so badly wanted to give up, no one cares about that. No one wants to know. They only appreciate the finished product. They only want to associate with the successful you. So you owe it to yourself, it’s the contract you signed with yourself, to make it against the odds.

So that road to success is not pretty, the tension, anger, tenacity and passion you put into it isn’t pretty either but hey, when you look back on it and ask yourself, “will I do this again?” your answer will always be “hell yes”. Because it was all you, all of your potential, all of your dreams, all of your effort, all of your sleepless nights and days when you never gave up on yourself. That moment when it amounts to something tangible, something worth showcasing, you know it was worth it. When you look back on it and realize it couldn’t have been uglier, that’s when you know it was worth every disappointment. You only needed a little determination, a little doing and belief in yourself. … More The road to success is not pretty, but it is worth it

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