Early age crushes!


Hi People!

How’s everyone doing? Thank God the weekend is almost upon us again. And can you believe we’re half of the new month so soon? (Screaming with joy). Counting down to the end of the year – to January actually. Looking forward to some time out. What a year! Phew!

So, I’ve been battling with some exciting topics to write about lately and I didn’t want anything too serious. So, I thought I’d lighten up a bit.

How many of us had primary school or secondary school crush? I did. Hahahaha! Thinking about it now, it was so silly. As stick thin as I was, I would wish he would notice me. Silly me! How do you notice someone who says nothing and doesn’t socialize? I did nothing extraordinary to get him to notice me. I doubt he knew my name sef. I was just me and all those crushing and wishing was only in my head. Ask me now how he looked or what his name was, I don’t remember. Hahahaha. I can’t stop laughing at myself.

Hmm, secondary school, did I have a crush? Thinking, thinking…. Oh right, I remember. Interesting story. Let me recap quickly – there was this chubby cute boy in junior class who I sort of played around with. All of a sudden, he returns for senior classes looking fresh and cleaned up. It was cute to be friends but he wanted more and forced it out of me but it wasn’t what I wanted so, I had to say bye-bye to what could have become a good friendship after school. Hmm

Care to share your primary or secondary school crush stories? Or better still, are you still in touch? Maybe staying friends or do you know where they are or what they are doing today? Let’s have some fun with this.

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