Don’t try to change me

You know that I love you

You’re my air for I breathe you

So don’t try to change me

Why would you change me?

Baby I will let you go

You know I had my vices

You said you could handle it

But you lied

Cause you tried to change me, mold me


Everything you loved before

You don’t love no more

Everything I did for you

You don’t want no more

Maybe I’m not quite the girl you been looking for

But you agreed

So how can you not see?

Why must I decide on whether I love you or the world

You met me

You fell deeply in love with me

So what is the problem now?

Everything you loved before

You don’t love no more

Everything I did for you

You don’t want no more

Or maybe I’m not quite the man you been looking for

But you agreed

So how could you not see? … More Don’t try to change me

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TGIF– Breathe it in!

Thank God it’s Friday!
Finally, some time for me. A little relaxing, a little reading, a little writing, a little sleeping, a little dancing, a little family bonding, and a lot less tension.
Ah! I can breathe some air of relief.
However, some people are just kill-joys. I refuse to let my spirit be down. Let me share one of the things that tick me off.
I’m all dressed for work or to go out. I get into my car and get on the road, blasting some of my favorite songs. Then a police somebody stops me and says, “Didn’t you see the red light?”
Like seriously? Once I was so mad, I told the woman, only a psycho will see a red light and drive past. I’m no psycho and besides, I’m a Christian. The lady goes, “So am I a devil worshipper?”
“Madam, I don’t know that but point is, I won’t see a red light and drive past”.
Now, among the many issues I have with the unidentified officers on Lagos roads, the traffic lighting system is one with dubious intents especially those round-abouts in Ikeja metropolis. You have traffic light on every curve of a round-about and I’m thinking how confusing or easy has the authorities made it for road users to comply without being confused to use the roads and obey the traffic lights? Suffice to say that we have enough mad drivers in Lagos in itself. How safe is it to halt a car in the middle of the road just because a traffic light signifies a stop. Urgh! So yes, that ticks me off.
I’m letting out the things that tick me off hoping I can enjoy another long weekend. What ticks you off? Let it all out so we can laugh it off together.
And yes, thanks Nigeria for the public holiday – we marking our 56th Independence.
More TGIF– Breathe it in!

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Take a look in the mirror

This is a reminder that no matter how beautiful you are today, old age will catch up on you and however you look then won’t matter. Heck, you might not even appeal to yourself. The only thing that will matter then is how you’ve been able to impart someone else’s life, what life legacies you’ve left behind and the good name you have made for yourself. Not even necessarily the millions of cash. Be reminded of the things that really matter. Re-examine yourself. Have a restful weekend. … More Take a look in the mirror

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The road to success is not pretty, but it is worth it

Success is like the torch you light in the presence of wind. Frustrations, discouragements, falls and disappointments are like the wind. They all want to put that fire out. You know what, NO ONE else is going to guard and keep that flame burning for you but you. Everyone else has their race to run and their flames to watch over till it guides them to their 10seconds of fame. But those hours, thousands of hours, sweat, tears and moments you so badly wanted to give up, no one cares about that. No one wants to know. They only appreciate the finished product. They only want to associate with the successful you. So you owe it to yourself, it’s the contract you signed with yourself, to make it against the odds.

So that road to success is not pretty, the tension, anger, tenacity and passion you put into it isn’t pretty either but hey, when you look back on it and ask yourself, “will I do this again?” your answer will always be “hell yes”. Because it was all you, all of your potential, all of your dreams, all of your effort, all of your sleepless nights and days when you never gave up on yourself. That moment when it amounts to something tangible, something worth showcasing, you know it was worth it. When you look back on it and realize it couldn’t have been uglier, that’s when you know it was worth every disappointment. You only needed a little determination, a little doing and belief in yourself. … More The road to success is not pretty, but it is worth it

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People who love each other don’t stay angry with each other

The beauty of my life!

My daughter: Mommy, welcome. (Holds out the door for me)

Me: (Tired and stressed from work) How are you?

My daughter: I’m fine. (Gives me a big smile)

Me: (I couldn’t help but smile back)

My daughter: Mommy, carry me.

Me: (I obey).

My daughter: (She kisses me) Mommy, we should have a cool secret greeting.

Me: Ok.

My daughter: She kisses me 3 times on the lip then one kiss each on my cheeks.

Me: (I smile). That’s cool.

My daughter: (She smiles) Let’s do it again.

Me to my son: Should we try it too?

My son: (He wants to but he was shy but kisses me on the lip and cheeks too).

My daughter: I love you. You are my best mommy ever (She hugs me tight again as I put her down.

Me: I love you too. You are my best daughter ever. (Smiles).

Later in the night, after dinner and baths,

Me: It’s time for bed.

My daughter: But I don’t want to sleep now.

Me: Please go to bed (changing my face)

My daughter: (Grumbles to bed).

Me: (I tuck them in).

My daughter: (Comes down from bed first to drink water, then to pee after the initial pee, then to pick her teddy, then to drink water again …) Me: (Getting angry) You need to stop coming out of bed and go to sleep.

My daughter: (Does her usual puppy face) But you said you loved me

Me: And so?

My daughter: People who love each other don’t stay angry with each other

Me: People who love each other don’t upset each other.

Morale of the story – While getting angry may be normal, love ought to make it difficult to stay angry at those who are dare to our hearts. My little girl talks some sweet realities sometimes.

Have a lovely evening people.
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6 Signs Your Wife Is Totally Fed Up With You

In any marriage or long-term relationship, you have to stay present. Unfortunately, far too many men take their partner’s satisfaction in the relationship for granted, said Sharon Gilchrest O’Neill, a marriage and family therapist and the author of A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage: The Essentials for Long-Lasting Togetherness.

Many men don’t notice when their wives have disengaged. Some wives wait to see if their spouses will care and notice the telling behavior. Husbands clearly need to take the initiative and engage.

Below, Gilchrest O’Neill and other marriage therapists share some of the most revealing signs that wives have emotionally checked out of their marriages.

She seems to have changed overnight:
Marriage therapist Becky Whetstone said that husbands often come into her office and tell her that their wives’ demeanor has changed, seemingly overnight. All too often, they haven’t picked up on illuminating indicators that their wives are fed up.

“While trying to improve the marriage, she may have made requests of him that have been ignored, waved and danced around,” Whetstone said. “In most cases, the wife has reached a point where she has decided to turn her back on the marriage due to frustration and disillusionment with her husband.” … More 6 Signs Your Wife Is Totally Fed Up With You

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6 Signs Your Husband Has Checked Out Of Your Marriage

All too often, husbands who come into marriage therapist Becky Whetstone’s office have already experienced what she calls an “emotional divorce.” “Sometimes, people get so fed up and disgruntled, there’s a disconnection process,” she said. “When that happens, the husband will mostly be apathetic about their partner and the relationship as a whole. That’s when an emotional divorce takes place.”

Below, Whetstone and other marriage therapists share some of the most telling signs that a husband has emotionally checked out of their marriage. (Note that either spouse could experience these problems ― but therapists say men tend to bring them up more often.) These signs however may apply to both parties in a marriage.

1.He’s hypercritical of everything you do:

When you’re in love, you overlook certain personality quirks your spouse possesses. You forgive them for every oversight or mistake. In other words, in most instances, you’re generous toward them.
More 6 Signs Your Husband Has Checked Out Of Your Marriage

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