Domestic Issues

Hi guys,
I saw the below link story in the papers just the next day from my previous post and I thought I needed to share it. However, I have been pretty occupied lately so forgive me it’s coming a bit behind schedule.
Man murders wife’s lover on their matrimonial bed.
Seriously, guys when I hear of this sort of stories, it really does reiterate my cry for love in a marriage. And really, if it’s not working anymore, be courageous enough to save everyone the stress and address the issues. If it so happens to lead to a divorce, then I suppose it’s better and more respectable that way than become a mockery like this.
Be a respectable and responsible adult.
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Is it more morally acceptable to walk out of a failed marriage than to cheat on your partner?

Ok so this is a debate I was trying rationalize in my head until I thought why not throw it open to you guys and have some mature and moral opinion on this subject. I would, therefore, appreciate that you drop a comment or opinion after you read this. I will try to make it brief so you can get by your business for the day.

From the inception of the humanity, God created woman for man and man to fulfil responsibility toward his woman but having seen how insatiable people are, God became lenient on us when He commanded through Moses that if we can’t be faithful or are insatiable for any reason (of course, first for infidelity), the man may give his wife a certificate of divorce and they may both go their separate ways. But when Jesus was asked by the Pharisee priests, to be tested, He told them it was because of the nature of man that God had bended that rule – for our benefit.

These days, a lot of people want to eat their cake and have it. It tends to be sweeter that way. They want to be married, whether happy or not. They want to have children, God forbid their marriage isn’t working out, they then blame it on the children, chanting that if it weren’t for the children, they would have left their marriage. They want that security that marriage provides regardless of whether it’s working or not. So for every reason they can find, they stay and forge ahead. However, for those who for one reason or the other are not happy or satisfied in their marriages, they feel they can cheat on their partners and get the attention, love or whatever it is they are looking for elsewhere while they keep sanity and maintain a comfortable distance at home. No one knows, no harm is done.

But we are all adults in marriage, right? Why do we find it easier to cheat in a failed/failing marriage than work on our marriages? Or worse still, why do we find it easier to cheat on our partners than to just sit and have a mature adult conversation and just say, ‘you know what, I loved you once but we’ve grown apart and I realized we now want different things. Therefore, we’re not/we won’t work anymore’ and just move on rather than cause everyone more harm, because that’s the situation in reality, than pretend to be patching things up?

I want to know. If you prefer to stay anonymous while you comment, please feel free but I’d love to read from you. Perhaps, we can all find the bravery to face the situations as they are.
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I am made of more

I am not an outcome by my status as a woman,
Neither am I of consequence by being a wife and a mother.
I am confident to hold my own,
Juggling my responsibilities perfectly abreast my dreams.
I am a product of my youth.
I am a product of my dreams.
I am a product of my potential and passion.
I am not limited by the decisions I have made.
I am made of the toughness of the African woman.
Working endlessly, tirelessly, achieving more every day.
I am intelligent, creative, smart and witty
Yet I am stern and discerning of the right
I am more than what you see
I am more than this skin
I am more than my face
I am more than my breasts
I am more than my skirt
I am more because I am made of more
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Happy Sunday Folks

Hi People! 

A very happy Sunday to you all. I’m definitely having a fabulous weekend. I can’t explain why it feels like a holiday but I definitely am enjoying every bit of it and this Sunday morning has been like none other so I wanted to share my love with you all.

I found this message picture too and I knew it would go well with my short message this morning. I hope it inspires you.

Enjoy your Sunday! … More Happy Sunday Folks

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The love and her life

Loneliness seemed the nature of her and nothing else, no one else mattered in her space. She was contented in whom she was and where she was in her life. Until she fell in love.

She gave it her all – the good, the bad and the not-so-pretty. When she fell in love, she hid nothing. When she fell in love, she did fall hard, no holds bar. Becoming a freer version of herself, almost as though she was constantly high on something. The world was suddenly different. And for a moment it seemed perfect, beautiful – just as the world ought to be. Complete, wonderful and beautiful.

Until what was once magical became taunting. The hostility became a spare to her heart yet she purposed to take it like one of the boys and laugh it off while she ached so badly.

She knew at that moment that it was over. She admitted first to herself that it was over but then again she didn’t want it to be over. Holding on with every grip around her hand, she bruised even more. She should have let her wounds heal instead of touching it every now and again. She couldn’t let go. Until it became her undoing. Tough and unbothered as she hoped to appear, her condition had deteriorated so badly. Gasping regularly, laughing always, she didn’t realize she was losing her mind until she lost it all. The love and her life.
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Love is magical

When a man falls in love with a woman, she becomes his weakness.

When a woman falls in love with a man, he becomes her strength.

This is just how she felt when she met him.

Unassuming as their love blossomed, perfect it became in every way.

Giving her strength.

Giving him confidence.

They were confident to become better versions of themselves.

Together they budded into a magical beauty,

Radiating their halo in every silly gesture.

Even though their stories are different,

Together they found strength to heal,

While they transformed by the sweetest sensations,

Into love so magical.
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If I were a bird

If I could be any animal I’d be a bird.

Coming and going as I please,

Taking advantage of the times and seasons,

Settling only in favorable places and fleeing from all appearance of discomfort,

Not giving to grounded limitations.

If I were a bird I’d be a lovebird.

A social and affectionate specie of parrot,

Striking, beautiful and impressive as I will be,

With my many colors to flaunt,

And intelligence to match my beauty,

I’d be a beatific heart throb.

If I were an animal I’d be blameless,

Obliged only to the things I have to and oblivious about the things that I can’t help.

If I were a bird I’d have no worries,

With freedom only as my cage, I’d have the ends of the earth as my playground.

Being a lovebird only best incarnates what I could have been but human.
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My favorite time with family

There’s just something extremely soothing about waking up to a Saturday morning. Almost like a dejavú of a time when bliss was in the air. As much as I want to sleep in and get out of bed by 9:00am, I am usually forced out of it because I have an unusual breakfast to prepare for my family. Saturday mornings are either for moi-moi, akara or ojojo with custard or pap. The highlight of the breakfast isn’t in the meal itself but how everyone in the family assembles in the kitchen to help get breakfast ready. My daughter would pull her chair just to add some spice or help clean the banana leaves ready for moi-moi. Yes, sue me. I go the traditional way to make my moi-moi. I love it better than way – leaves and all.

So because Mondays to Fridays are already limited time to spend with the family, I look forward to Saturday morning meal time, preparing and sitting at the table to eat while we talk and listen to each other without being in a hurry to be anywhere else.

If my dining table could express itself, it would feel most useful on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons. Sunday breakfast almost doesn’t exist because of church but after church, there’s almost always a feast. My husband loves to cook and when he does, we expect nothing simple or plain. We either have seafood fried rice or grilled pork ribs in juicy sticky sauce or I make my plantain and yam porridge with veggies, fish, meat and everything I can find to add. Jollof rice can be on the menu as well with perfectly golden brown plantain. My sister says she prefers to come to my house when my husband is doing the cooking. I guess I can see why, if you like to intercontinental kind of food. I thought I knew how to blend and mix spices but my husband marries them all too well. My son says ‘Daddy is the best chef ever’. Yeah, he likes food like that.

In all, my favorite family time is meal times – Saturday breakfast and Sunday lunch. A good sleep immediately after is my most ideal haven. It’s only after this that I know I’ve had a good weekend.

What’s your favorite time with your family? … More My favorite time with family

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