Mid-week Motivation


What a week! And it’s not even over yet – God help me.

I find that it’s easy to be overwhelmed with a lot of activities going on around you – work, family, responsibilities and other things. But have you ever felt like you’re doing so much that is tiring you quickly, stressing you out but you find you are not really feeling accomplished at the end of the day or at the end of the week?

It’s time to explore more of your work-life balance option. Finding that equilibrium between work (what you have to do) and lifestyle (at least something which brings you pleasure). For instance, I find work and family have been taking a lot of my time and I’ve had less time to blog these past few days. Blogging/writing brings me fulfilment and it breaks my heart when I find excuses not to.

Perhaps this is me encouraging myself and maybe someone else out there. Take a break once in a while, breathe and make time to do the things which bring a smile and good throbbing to your heart. It’s actually a better remedy to the stressful life and good for you (your health).

How has your week been?

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