Money matters


In my amateur attempt to decipher The Essence of Life, I published a research work in 2007. Speaking of which, I should have a new edition and an e-copy as well. I’ll get to that before the end of the year, God willing. In my book, there was a chapter I dedicated to examining success as the most thing in life. Unfortunately, people are only able to relate success to money. The more money they have in their bank account translates to how successful they are. Don’t get me wrong – money is good, in fact, it is heartwarming. I should know – I’m woman 🙂 . But it doesn’t translate to success. To me, success is like all round prosperity – in health, in wealth, in relationships and most importantly peace of mind. So you can see that money is only a fraction of success.

However fractional money is in the bucket of success, it doesn’t deride the importance of money in our lives and existence as humans. Our world is primarily based around money anyway. How you view money in your life then affects your lifestyle. You need to be informed of the tools and knowledge to manage yourself in a way that you don’t let money take over you. And money is definitely one major thing in our society that influences a person’s lifestyle, more in bad ways than good. Or better put, it can have the most extreme effect of both sides on a person’s life.

Funny I should remember this at this point – an old friend of mine who’s been married almost 10years said to me, if only money could buy love, he’d be the richest man alive. He is rich, running his business successfully, travelling the world whenever work permits a week or 2 window to holiday. His wife wants for nothing, yet she cares nothing for him. If only he could get a divorce. Better still, like he said, if only money could buy true love. Perhaps he would be able to buy sex once in a while but bottom line, any woman/girl who is able to trade sex for money obviously doesn’t have love to give. So, money can’t buy love – men, take note.

However, very few people understand the gimmick of wealth creation or wealth multiplication. What are you able to build from nothing and how are you able to recover your capital and generate profit? That’s really what is important. It’s not in having money in itself. Don’t forget, money is like the wind. It can blow away at any time but what are you doing to make new money keep coming your way?

In marriages too, a lot of the issues have stemmed from money matters in the home. Like not discussing finances, having the illusion that your partner is with you because of your money or that they don’t need your money, ignoring conflicting spending habits, believing you need to split financial responsibilities, failing to believe that money matters do carry emotional weight, and so on. I was listening to the radio on my drive to work yesterday and they were discussing how men feel when/if their women pay bills in the house or spend their money to run the home. In my mind, I’m thinking, is that even a debate? Most men, in my opinion, are even happy to let their woman do everything while they spend their money for selfish reasons. Yes, traditional roles suggest that women manage the day-to-day finances, like balancing the checkbook and paying the utility bills, and men typically handle investing and financial planning. But traditional isn’t always best. A better option, for me, will be to recognize each other’s individual strengths and apportion up the financial tasks accordingly if the woman is willing. It would be the beginning of the end of your marriage if you want to run your home by what other couples do.

Basically, if you love your money so much and you don’t want it to come between you and anything else, develop these simple habits:

  • Spend less
  • Earn more
  • Invest wisely

I believe keeping respect for people in mind too when chasing or talking money matters is more important.

Have a money-making Friday 😉

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