Money matters

In my amateur attempt to decipher The Essence of Life, I published a research work in 2007. Speaking of which, I should have a new edition and an e-copy as well. I’ll get to that before the end of the year, God willing. In my book, there was a chapter I dedicated to examining success as the most thing in life. Unfortunately, people are only able to relate success to money. The more money they have in their bank account translates to how successful they are. Don’t get me wrong – money is good, in fact, it is heartwarming. I should know – I’m woman 🙂 . But it doesn’t translate to success. To me, success is like all round prosperity – in health, in wealth, in relationships and most importantly peace of mind. So you can see that money is only a fraction of success.

However fractional money is in the bucket of success, it doesn’t deride the importance of money in our lives and existence as humans. Our world is primarily based around money anyway. How you view money in your life then affects your lifestyle. You need to be informed of the tools and knowledge to manage yourself in a way that you don’t let money take over you. And money is definitely one major thing in our society that influences a person’s lifestyle, more in bad ways than good. Or better put, it can have the most extreme effect of both sides on a person’s life. … More Money matters

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The dangers of a cracked heart

You know how no matter how much you try to patch a basket and fill it with water and it still can’t hold water? My African people may be able to relate with this scenario. Unfortunately, a well patched basket will never hold water. That’s how bad a broken or patched or cracked heart can be. You can only try to mend, maybe over time be healed but once something happens again that has happened before, you might realize you were never completely healed before.

I know someone who has had many broken hearts but like the song, Still believe in Love by Shola Ama, my friend wouldn’t be discouraged from loving again and again. Maybe it’s a good thing, right? But when I sit to analyze it, perhaps it’s the outcome resulting from a broken heart. You know how people who never had a mother always seek motherly love from every other woman, that’s what a broken heart or a vacuum can do to you. It gets you looking for love everywhere and God forbid you think you’ve found it and in the wrong person. So you love once, love again when it doesn’t work, try again when it seems this time might be different, then over and over again. Until you end up hating the idea of a relationship, carrying bitterness and unforgiveness in your heart. Because at the beginning stage of every relationship, men are persistent enough to get what they want. Their persistence is like the water and your cracked heart is like the patched basket, if they try hard enough, they will penetrate you and God help you he’s just another phony, you’re left with an even worse state of heart. … More The dangers of a cracked heart

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