My favorite time with family

There’s just something extremely soothing about waking up to a Saturday morning. Almost like a dejavú of a time when bliss was in the air. As much as I want to sleep in and get out of bed by 9:00am, I am usually forced out of it because I have an unusual breakfast to prepare for my family. Saturday mornings are either for moi-moi, akara or ojojo with custard or pap. The highlight of the breakfast isn’t in the meal itself but how everyone in the family assembles in the kitchen to help get breakfast ready. My daughter would pull her chair just to add some spice or help clean the banana leaves ready for moi-moi. Yes, sue me. I go the traditional way to make my moi-moi. I love it better than way – leaves and all.

So because Mondays to Fridays are already limited time to spend with the family, I look forward to Saturday morning meal time, preparing and sitting at the table to eat while we talk and listen to each other without being in a hurry to be anywhere else.

If my dining table could express itself, it would feel most useful on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons. Sunday breakfast almost doesn’t exist because of church but after church, there’s almost always a feast. My husband loves to cook and when he does, we expect nothing simple or plain. We either have seafood fried rice or grilled pork ribs in juicy sticky sauce or I make my plantain and yam porridge with veggies, fish, meat and everything I can find to add. Jollof rice can be on the menu as well with perfectly golden brown plantain. My sister says she prefers to come to my house when my husband is doing the cooking. I guess I can see why, if you like to intercontinental kind of food. I thought I knew how to blend and mix spices but my husband marries them all too well. My son says ‘Daddy is the best chef ever’. Yeah, he likes food like that.

In all, my favorite family time is meal times – Saturday breakfast and Sunday lunch. A good sleep immediately after is my most ideal haven. It’s only after this that I know I’ve had a good weekend.

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