I loved the idea of her

idea of her

If there is anything I am grateful for, it is the goodness and faithfulness of God in my life. My parents may not have been influential but we never lacked any of the essentials. We were the typical English family, even though I am from the suburbs of the Yoruba ethnicity. Everything was working well, moving and travelling across Nigeria with my family. Life was good.

I had seamless unhindered transitions between institutions, primary school, secondary school and university. I didn’t even need the influence or help of anyone after National Youth Service before I got my dream job. Now, you see why life was good?

After a few years, naturally it was time for the next level – marriage. Like always, I deserved nothing short of the best. So of all the flocks around me, still I decided to go outside of them all to get that ideal girl for me. So I found this damsel – beautiful, smart and witty. She seemed to be doing quite well for herself as well. Did I mention that she puts the spark in my heart too? I had never felt the things she made me feel until I met her. Full of love, of life and a sweet future or at least that was what I saw from where I stood. So when she began to ask a lot of questions, questioning me about why I want to marry her, about why I have been working at a particular organization for so many years without reconsideration to move on to better or other offers, asking about now, about the future; I didn’t want to be pressured like that. It isn’t in my character to overthink any issue or try to envisage tomorrow. Tomorrow has always worked out itself for me.

Against all odds, I married her because I loved the idea of her. She was the unobtainable girl I never thought I could marry but I doubt that she understood what I meant when I said it to her. Yet I worry we won’t always connect on many levels because I doubt I’ll ever be able to quench her inquisitive mind or put it to rest. Because she loves to analyze and interpret every little detail and I … I just want to glide with ease through life because I am confident it will always work in my favor.

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