If I think about you the way I’d like to


I don’t know what it was

But with her, I saw the seven colors of the rainbow,

Distinct in their own, beautiful as the road that leads to purity.

I couldn’t have felt this feeling before

Because it doesn’t exist

I didn’t even know I wanted to feel this feeling

Until I felt the feeling

All I prayed for was a healthy distraction

And I got overwhelmed yet mystified

I felt the waters over my head but I wasn’t worried about me

I just wanted to more of her, not considering what I was getting into

I wanted all of her, not considering if I could manage all of her

She was my undoing yet I found in her my muse to keep me balance

My very worst distraction yet I found words for her only through rhythm and hums

I wasn’t vulnerable

It was the way she made me feel when I am with her

The way she made me feel just thinking about her

So I let it all hang

Holding back nothing

Give me my sweetheart again,

I want to be where she is

I love her still.

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