Importance of sex in a relationship

Hi people!

How are y’all doing? Enjoying your weekend? I am, having spent a well-deserved quality time with my family today and the weekend just got started.

Sometime during the week, I had been moody and overwhelmed. I looked forward to some alone time with my husband, at least for the obvious importance (to refresh 🙂 ) but before I could fantasies, I tried to slap the thought out of me and focus on work instead. Well, that was before I read this post supposedly by Leslie posted by Eddaz.

I recall someone asking my opinion on a controversial write up she wants to put up titled ‘let’s negotiate sex’. Well, I told her the content is what will really determine whether it’s controversial or not but of course, first reactions and impressions would be drawn based on the word sex in the title.

So what is it that draws people or intrigues us about sex? Well, for one thing, it does have its many advantages. It aids a good night sleep, refreshes, rejuvenates, and brings couples closer, building intimacy and reassurance and confidence. Confidence in self-esteem and confidence in your relationship. They say kisses and cuddles a day lengthens a life-span, however true that is. I advised a friend who’s had flu for about a month to get things steamy with her husband after she lamented that all the drugs were not relieving her. I suppose she took my advice because when I saw her in the morning, she was not only glowing, the flu was gone and she just looked altogether new. That’s what sex does. Of course, it opens easier line of communication with your partner and whatever you were not able to freely discuss before, becomes easier afterwards.

We women like to be modest about our desires, that’s fine I suppose. But holding back too much is like wearing a bra while having sex. We know that won’t get you and your partner the well appreciated and hotter perspective. So embrace how you feel, how sex makes you feel and enjoy a healthier longer life and relationship.

Have a sexy weekend y’all.

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