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It all comes down to creative problem solving. Funny I should be thinking in this line but hey, I suppose I can’t take away the HR skill out of me.

Looking through my Stats on WordPress from time to time, analyzing too, what people search for the most on internet, I’m glad I’m able to help guide someone’s information out there sometimes. Looking through Google this morning with an intention to satisfy some sort of inquisition on the internet, I find this: Olajumoke Orisaguna: Model is Google’s most searched person in Nigeria in 2016.

So the story of Olajumoke is one which everyone did talk about and obviously are still talking about. Even I talked about it here some time ago. So what makes people still want to know about her or catch up with what she’s doing these days? The answer is simple. Everyone loves a grass-to-grace story. Prosperity!

We all want to relate to prosperity, we want it. Heck, we even made it a prayer point at my “gathering of the brethren” this past weekend. All round well-being, happiness, satisfaction, success and wealth, we want these things. However, an important factor is to be considered – what do you have in your hands? I’d like to describe prosperity as the multiplication in good fortune of what is.

When Jesus fed 5,000 men, excluding women and children, He did it with 2 fishes and 5 loaves of bread. When Simon caught fishes so much, they broke his fishnet, he had been at sea, not at the shore lamenting about the tides. When God multiplied the barrel of oil of the Widow of Zeraphath, she was willing to bring forth her very last. Something always has to give for a multiplication of good fortune to happen. Miracles happen when we have something to lift up to the heavens in anticipation for a better realization. Magic is merely a mumbo-jumbo of a concoction which often usually vanishes.

We love a good story, we want that grass-to-grace story to be ours, we want prosperity but what are we doing presently to cause that blessing to happen to/for us? A lot of songs preach that your hero lies in you. It sure does. Only you can help actualize your dreams, you just need some creativity about it.

Get to it already! 😉 … More Exploring the internet

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Tuesday Spur

Hi people!

Hope you’re all getting settled into the new week. Monday must have been great or fun for some of us. For those who struggled through it, cheer up. You’re still alive to struggle through it.

Motivating and encouraging each other has become an important part of human existence. Even the Bible says, “do not forsake the gathering of the brethren”. It does have its many advantages. We all need it, live for it, live by it and renew our inspiration and purpose by it. I always like to refer to my father because for as long as I can remember he has been the main feature in my life, my mentor and the first man in my life. From scolding me through elementary school when I wouldn’t get a simple math equation right to spoiling me silly with love to when he consistently, without warning, drops words of wisdom and encouragement which I’m still finding useful till date. A lot of my friends call me Daddy’s girl. I’m proud of it. I won’t have it any other way.

Love you too mom :*

Let me share a few of his words to encourage someone else this morning.
1.Progressive planning is the key to achieving your dreams.
2.Plan all you want, it doesn’t always mean things will work according to plan but at every point when it seems your plans aren’t working out, dig deep and reconnect with your inner purpose, your initial drive, and your dreams from childhood. Let it motivate you and keep you going, against the odds.
3.You are different from every other person, even from your siblings. It works for A might not work for you. Never run your life by anyone else’s standard. Run your race, live your life, stay focus and what is yours will come to you.
4.If you live or die, people already formed their opinion of you and will talk about you. So why not live to fulfil your happiness to the satisfaction of your conscience?

I say to myself that I am in no competition with anyone else but who I was yesterday. The race might be slow, but if stay the course, I know I will surely get there.

So be encouraged and reconnect with your initial zeal in your pursuit of prosperity.

Enjoy the rest of your week. 🙂
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