“You never cease to amaze me”


Seriously, all this ‘relationship is hard work’ talk makes one want to run as far from it as possible but let’s all go back to the days when we were convinced that being in a relationship is all we want to live for. Remember then? It’s not too far in your memory now, is it? Love is beautiful, can be addictive and it’s amazing how it completes your world. Love is simple, straightforward and childlike, perhaps that’s how puppy-love takes the lead of all the types of love. J

My husband always says life and love is simple, as long as we don’t complicate it, we’ll always be happy and I totally agree with him. A lot of laughter, humor, selflessness, and care and every day becomes an amazing day to be alive, more because you have that one person you love the most in the whole world.

Here are certain characteristics in a love relationship that keeps you saying, ‘you never cease to amaze me’:

Of course, it’s needless to emphasize the power of affection and passion towards your partner. Show it, say it, and demonstrate it in creative ways that spice up your relationship. Do not underestimate the power of kisses and cuddles in your relationship no matter how old your relationship is becoming. Touching and cuddling never gets old anyway. Being affectionate towards each other will improve confidence both in yourselves and in your relationship.

Yes, they say communication is the key to a successful relationship but please, not everyone wants to engage in serious talks all the time, gosh, that would be stressful but communication can include laughter, humor, teasing, or any fun activity really which are as essential for strengthening the bond with your partner, and not necessarily the long speeches and ‘family meetings’.

I love a good listener, paying attention to me even when I forget some things I say some times. Listening to your partner and respecting his or her beliefs and ideas even if they are different to your own makes a gives a huge bonding effect peculiar to your relationship. Not a lot of people want to be burdened by other’s issues anyway.

Another wonderful charm about holding down a relationship is how you handle disagreements. No couple will agree with each other all the time and a little conflict is to be expected. If you do not agree with him or if he has made you angry, tell him your feelings in a way that is not degrading or humiliating to him, (ladies, take note). Be direct and use a problem solving approach, which many men prefer adopt.

Finally, give room so that both of you have your own set of friends and interests rather than doing things together all the time. It gives more to talk about and share at the end of the day anyway. Spending time in the company of your partner constantly can make your relationship stale and boring.

It’s nice when your partner never runs out of pleasantries to amaze you. Have a love-filled weekend ahead!

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