Getting married: Why women get married

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It’s been a long holiday in Nigeria, thanks to Ramadan – three days stretch. It would have been two but I suppose the moon didn’t show up early. Don’t ask me, I don’t know how these things are supposed to work. Lol. I’ve had a lot of reading and sleeping in. I wish I had a lot of eating too but my eating pattern is quite unconventional. I’m still working on it.

Anyho, so I was looking through my posts and I came across this one, I figured it would be nice to write something from the female perspective too. Something to balance out the argument, if you will.

So why do women get married?

In my opinion, this topic should be looked at from two dimensions, the young women folk and the older women folk to better appreciate some of the reasons below. However, most of the reasons apply to both folks.

Basically, here are the top reasons why women get married:
1.Because they love that fellow enough to spend the rest of their days with him.
2.Because marriage officially binds you to the one you love, living together forever.
3.Because they are convinced they will find fulfilment and meaning to their lives by becoming a wife and a mother.
4.The society holds the view that women should be protected by men, admitted or not. This is not about prejudice but it’s the truth in most cases.
5.Because of pressure from their parents, demanding grandchildren. Now this applies to the older women folk.
6.Biological clocks are also yelling at women, pressuring them into marriage.
7.For financial security
8.Legitimate sex

Keep in mind too that a lifetime relationship can be a wonderfully intimate and fulfilling experience if done right. It provides support, protection and acceptance, again, for both partners if done well.

For whatever reasons you decided to get married, wish y’all a happy married life.

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