The beauty of her hair

To a large extent, I’ve learned a lot being a mother on my own. I would have loved for my mom to be around to school me through it but my husband and I have been pretty much independent in this parenting business and I must say that we haven’t done badly even though we are still learning through it by the day.
So contrary to what I grew up believing, I haven’t cut off my daughter’s natural birth hair. Although her hair till date is kinky soft, it gets me all worked up when a new plaits her begins to look old just after the first day. Adding to the color of her hair which is more like dirty brown, it makes it even difficult to appreciate any good plait on her.
I resolved to texturize her hair, perhaps it’ll give her rough edges some silky smooth but I really do want to keep to my word that I will only do that after she’s 5 years old and if it becomes unbearable to manage. So far, I have it under control, it’s just the glossiness and neatness that’s lacking. My hair stylist assured me all her tiny hairs will fall off eventually and I’ll love it but that might be when she’s about 10 years old. Yikes! Another 6 years to go. Until then, I choose to believe and see the unique beauty of her hair.
If there are other African moms working with their daughter’s kinky hair, please share tips on how to keep innovating or maintaining the beauty of it.
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