A yearning for novelty

Confined by vows,

Prisoned by choice,

Yet there’s a longing to see far beyond the territory,

Searching for a rewarding newness.

If I can picture it, then I can achieve it.

I see it in the offing

Because happiness is freely offered

Yet, a realization is daunting,


Hindering desires,

Obstructing dreams,

Till barriers are pulled down,

Novelty will be yet another yearning.
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What gets me womanly is different from what feeds your manhood

They say men are moved by sight and women by words. Although this may not always at 100% of the time be true but it is common to a large extent because it is true that men and women are different emotionally, mentally, and physically. The differences are so extreme that without a concentrated effort to understand them individually, it is nearly impossible to have a happy and hitch-free relationship.

Of course, every woman wants a man who is a good listener, paying attention not only to her words but every other detail about her. A woman wants a man who is generous and can guarantee security. A woman wants a man who can take charge in that ‘big daddy’ way. A woman wants a man who is sensitive and patient to her confusions and flaws. Now put all these in one man and a woman is almost automatically turned on.

I would imagine that what turns a married man on, for instance, is circumstantially different from what turns a single guy on. Say for instance, a married man who hardly gets quality time with his wife because of the children, of course, a rear date night would be a major turn on for him, whereas a single guy may be more turned on by what his date is wearing for the night. Get it? So in the case while intimacy may be the common name for this, the levels of intimacy are differently appreciated in a married and a single man. Of course, every man wants to feel value and know that you put him into consideration in everything you do but I can’t say that necessary turns a man on. When a man gets excited, it’s pretty straight forward to ‘see’.

It’s needless to say that men and women experience sexual arousal and satisfaction very differently. A man’s drive is fairly constant in and out of season, devoid of cycle and disturbing hormones. A woman is stimulated more by touch and romantic words. She is far more attracted by a man’s personality. While a man needs little or no preparations for sex, a woman often needs working on to attain that level of readiness.

So the next time you truly want to experience that special moment with your partner, be careful to know what it means for them and how to get/help them feel satisfied.

The weekend is still young. Lock out every distraction and get to it!
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Let’s cook up a party – Party Live Link. 💃🎶🎹🍰🍡🍗🍎🍺🍸

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Come on in, let’s get this party started. You are most welcome. Do make yourself comfortable and join the fun. Some of you are used to the party mode, but just a quick run through on a few party etiquette’s for the new one’s in our…

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