The moment my life changed forever

Growing up, I didn’t to like babies, especially crying babies. It was either crying babies or dirty diaper baby or drooling baby or something awful like that till my Mom had my two little baby sisters, especially the last one. Awwwwww J I still flush all over just thinking about her even when she’s a tall glass of creamy goodness now. We call each other soul mates. Like seriously guys, we are. It’s weird. We even finish each other’s sentences. Anyway, back to the subject.

So my Mom had my baby sisters and I fell in love with babies, well, my babies. With or without the crying, I was always mommy to them. I looked forward to having children of my own so much that I told my Mom I couldn’t wait. I didn’t understand why she slapped me when I said that. But thinking about it now, maybe she wasn’t seeing it my way. She probably was focusing on the act you do that leads to pregnancy. Hmm. Anyway, so I had that longing until I watched this documentary once on TV about a woman delivering a baby and I cried out so much and cursed. I couldn’t imagine going through that but here I am. God has been kind to me. I’m a Mommmmmmmy. J

I wanted more to be a Mommy than to be married. Did I just say that out loud? Sorry hon. But of course, I wanted to do it the right way. I knew I would give more attention to my children once they started to come but the experience in actuality is more beautifully indescribable at that moment when I birthed my son.

God is indeed awesome. The pain, the labor, the anxiety, all that was daunting but I knew I would carry my baby in my arms in a few hours and when I did, not even the effect of the epidural in my system could stop me from forcing a sit-up in just a few hours.

I remember a friend of mine congratulating me while asking me if I would do it all over again. I answered an emphatic YES because when your baby curls his tiny hands around your one finger and smiles at you even when you’re not sure he understands the movement on his lips and in his eyes, you know it was worth it. They say you forget the pain of childbirth after you see your baby. Maybe, I can’t say that but pain or no pain, childbirth changed my life. Being a Mommy, sleepless nights till date and all, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
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SOTD: We should be lovers

Guy -All you need is love
Girl -A girl has got to eat
Guy -All you need is love
Girl -I shall end up on the street
Guy -All you need is love
Girl -Love is just a game

Guy -I was made for loving you baby, you were made for loving me
Girl -The only way of loving me baby, is to pay a lovely fee

Guy -Just one night, just one night
Girl -Theirs no way, cause you can’t pay

Guy -In the name of love, one night in the name of love
Girl -You crazy fool, I won’t give in to you
Guy -Don’t, leave me this way, I can’t survive, without your sweet love
oh baby, Don’t leave me this way

Girl –You’d think that people would have had enough of silly love songs
Guy -I look around me and I see, it isn’t silly,
Girl -Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs
Guy -Well what’s wrong with that, I’d like to know, cause here I go again

Guy -Love lifts us up where we belong, where eagles fly, on a mountain high
Girl -Love makes us act like we are fools, throw our lives away, for one happy day
Guy –We could be heroes just for one day

Girl -You, you will be mean
Guy -No, I won’t
Girl -And I, I’ll drink all the time

Guy -We should be LOVERS!
Girl -We can’t do that!
Guy -We should be LO-OVERS and that’s a fact!

Girl -No nothing, will keep us together
Guy -We could still time
Both -just for one day

Both -We could be heroes, forever and ever
Both -We could be hero’s, forever and ever
Both -We could be hero’s
Guy -Just because I…. love….you obviously

Both -I love you!

Girl -How wonderful life is
Both -Now you’re in the world … More SOTD: We should be lovers

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Waking up on the wrong side of bed, what does that even mean?

I was sure I was going to have a good weekend. I had nothing planned but rest-off the stress headache and flu I have been struggling with but something I found to do led to other things until the weekend was over and I was unable to rest beside my night sleep. I was sure I was ready for the new week until I woke up on Monday morning looking and feeling like this:
My bed doesn’t have a wrong or right side as far as I’m concerned so if I hadn’t woken up on Saturday or Sunday morning like that, why Monday morning? Could it be the realization of work ahead? Its times like this that I like to look to one of my inspiration blogs for some encouragement and I found it when I saw Why Going To Work Is Good For You. Surprise! by Lili.
I totally agree. I can’t imagine how my life would have been without my work/job. I would be miserable. I used to be an introvert. I doubt I can still classify myself under this category. Maybe because I get to go out to work or I’m often thinking of escaping wife and mummy duties out of the house. Whichever way, keeping motivated, maintaining my balance, being happy in the midst of all duties is paramount for me. So a bit of everything is good for me really – work, wife, mummy and above all fulfilling my dreams.
And even though today, I feel like this:
I will not be moved by my feelings.
God help me.
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If I think about you the way I’d like to

I don’t know what it was
But with her, I saw the seven colors of the rainbow,
Distinct in their own, beautiful as the road that leads to purity.
I couldn’t have felt this feeling before
Because it doesn’t exist
I didn’t even know I wanted to feel this feeling
Until I felt the feeling
All I prayed for was a healthy distraction
And I got overwhelmed yet mystified
I felt the waters over my head but I wasn’t worried about me
I just wanted to more of her, not considering what I was getting into
I wanted all of her, not considering if I could manage all of her
She was my undoing yet I found in her my muse to keep me balance
My very worst distraction yet I found words for her only through rhythm and hums
I wasn’t vulnerable
It was the way she made me feel when I am with her
The way she made me feel just thinking about her
So I let it all hang
Holding back nothing
Give me my sweetheart again,
I want to be where she is
I love her still. … More If I think about you the way I’d like to

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Day 3 – Three Day Quote Challenge

Hi people!

Hope the quotes I’ve shared these past few days have been inspiring or helpful in some ways. If not, I hope you find the quotes for today insightful.

Thanks again Eddaz for putting me up for the challenge.


Thank the blogger who nominated you.

Post 1-3 quotes a day for 3 consecutive days.

Nominate 3 bloggers each day.

All my quotes for today are by one of my favorites of all time – Maya Angelou.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, step outside the box just to be as outstanding as you wish to be.

For today, I will like to nominate:

Giggles & Tales
The King’s Oracle
These have become a few of my favorite pages to finish per time. Guys, you are not obligated to participate, but I hope you will accept the challenge. Looking forward to reading great quotes from you.

Thank you. … More Day 3 – Three Day Quote Challenge

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Day 2 – Three Day Quote Challenge

I almost didn’t get to doing this today. Hectic day, feeling a bit under the weather too but a challenge is a challenge. Got to do what I got to do so here goes.

If it wasn’t for Eddaz who put me up to this, I probably wouldn’t have any post to put up today considering the above stated limitation. So thanks again girl, for the challenge. I find it quite interesting.


Thank the blogger who nominated you.

Post 1-3 quotes a day for 3 consecutive days.

Nominate 3 bloggers each day.

My quotes for today are as follows:

1st Quote is by Mother Theresa:


2nd Quote is by Oscar Wilde:

images (1)

Emphasis on value, people and words are today’s focus without which even the world would not have been formed. Learning to place respect of these watchwords is a great foundation for many beautiful things to happen for you.

For today, I will like to nominate:

These have become a few of my favorite pages to finish per time. Guys, you are not obligated to participate, but I hope you will accept the challenge. Looking forward to reading great quotes from you.

Thank you. … More Day 2 – Three Day Quote Challenge

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Day 1 – Three Day Quote Challenge

Its times like this that I get rewarded for doing what I love to do the best, write. Thanks Eddaz for nominating me for the three days quote challenge.


Thank the blogger who nominated you.

Post 1-3 quotes a day for 3 consecutive days.

Nominate 3 bloggers each day.

My quotes for today are as follows:

1st Quote is by Steve Jobs:


2nd Quote is by Paulo Coelho:

download (1)

3rd Quote is by Martin Luther King Jr.:

download (2)

It might as well be inspirational Monday. Any of these quotes that speaks to you all charge us to stay focus whatever life throws at us.

For today, I will like to nominate:

These have become a few of my favorite pages to finish per time. Guys, you are not obligated to participate, but I hope you will accept the challenge. Looking forward to reading great quotes from you.

Thank you. … More Day 1 – Three Day Quote Challenge

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Importance of sex in a relationship

Hi people!
How are y’all doing? Enjoying your weekend? I am, having spent a well-deserved quality time with my family today and the weekend just got started.
Sometime during the week, I had been moody and overwhelmed. I looked forward to some alone time with my husband, at least for the obvious importance (to refresh ) but before I could fantasies, I tried to slap the thought out of me and focus on work instead. Well, that was before I read this post supposedly by Leslie posted by Eddaz.
I recall someone asking my opinion on a controversial write up she wants to put up titled ‘let’s negotiate sex’. Well, I told her the content is what will really determine whether it’s controversial or not but of course, first reactions and impressions would be drawn based on the word sex in the title.
So what is it that draws people or intrigues us about sex? Well, for one thing, it does have its many advantages. It aids a good night sleep, refreshes, rejuvenates, and brings couples closer, building intimacy and reassurance and confidence. Confidence in self-esteem and confidence in your relationship. They say kisses and cuddles a day lengthens a life-span, however true that is. I advised a friend who’s had flu for about a month to get things steamy with her husband after she lamented that all the drugs were not relieving her. I suppose she took my advice because when I saw her in the morning, she was not only glowing, the flu was gone and she just looked altogether new. That’s what sex does. Of course, it opens easier line of communication with your partner and whatever you were not able to freely discuss before, becomes easier afterwards.
We women like to be modest about our desires, that’s fine I suppose. But holding back too much is like wearing a bra while having sex. We know that won’t get you and your partner the well appreciated and hotter perspective. So embrace how you feel, how sex makes you feel and enjoy a healthier longer life and relationship.
Have a sexy weekend y’all. … More Importance of sex in a relationship

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Bearing it all

I can’t help but refer to this over and over. One of the things that got me hooked on my husband was his simplistic approach to life, to relationships. Life is what it is, can be complicated but it’s as simple as you want it to be. I fell in love with his notion because it’s who I am. I like to be straightforward, simple and let it all hang loose. You can pick the elements you want and let go of those you don’t need when I’m done letting it out. Either way, do one but don’t hold on to one and condemn me by the other. Let me explain.

Men and women, we both want to be totally at peace with ourselves, with our partners or whoever we choose to be with. Genuine relationships are based on how much of a truth you know about the person you’re with and how much of the real you the other person knows. But I’ve found, a lot of women confirm this too, that there is a limit to the information you can give a guy and he won’t find one of them to use against you. Opinions are often formed without insight. A lot of my male friends, even right from Uni, tell me I’m not a typical female. I like to be real, to be myself and, well I don’t expect everyone to like me for who I am but for those who have chosen to, I expect understanding, tolerance and support for what I am and appreciate my flaws too.

I was at a female social gathering some time ago and a lady recounted how in her first relationship, she was open about herself with her partner, shared her excitements, her fears, her ups and downs, even her potential wild side but eventually whenever sometime went wrong, certain things she confided in her partner which didn’t quite go down well with him would then resurface, using them against her honor. I’ve heard guys say they want “a lady on the street but a freak in bed”, something along those lines but how often do you encourage the same woman to be both without judging her at some point? The lady confessed that she took the learning from that relationship into her next and it so happened that because she wasn’t free to express herself, she couldn’t quite understand herself in that relationship. So at what point is confiding and letting it all hang loose in your relationship sharing too much information? Or at what point should you be weary that certain things you’ve said are being used against you?

I love love. It been my favorite thing since I understood its meaning. Sometimes I’m not proud of it because I find I let myself be ruled by my emotions whereas it ought to be the other way round. But I’m learning to be in control of my emotions instead. But when I love, I let it all hang loose, keeping nothing away. I don’t expect to be condemned or judged by it. I can’t speak for a lot of people but I appreciate the truth and I am mature enough to deal with it. I would rather know and be courageous enough to live committedly by my decision. … More Bearing it all

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Interesting Dating Options

Interesting indeed!

I was reading a novel recently. Set in the medieval ages, typical English traditions and all and it implies that when ladies become of age, some sort of ‘outing’ is arranged where eligible suitors come to sort of tender their applications and be interviewed for the maiden’s selection. They court a few times when she shortlists which of them she finds worthy until she chooses ‘the one’. Interesting, I repeat.

On my drive home from work yesterday while listening to the radio, the On-Air Personalities were debating the timeline for which one can engage in another relationship after a break up. Then one person mentioned that a friend of hers got married only after 2 months of breaking up with another guy. Then the conclusion was that she must have been dating 2 guys at the same time to have moved on so swiftly which they implied was wrong. Interesting debate.

But would it be a sin really for a lady to enjoy an ‘outing’ where she can choose? I mean, how do you know what you are getting into if you don’t have some sort of leveraging of standards and choices? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not soliciting that ladies begin to date as much men as they can before marriage leaving other men to inherit left-overs (excuse my French) but of course with decent courtship, zero intimacy and supervised meetings if you will. Meanwhile, the disadvantages of practicing the medieval ‘outing’ in this day and age outweighs the benefit of the intent. The times are different, the level of exposure is crazy and selfishness cuts across both gender. But for the benefit of women, for instance, especially the older ones who have the biological factor and other pressures working against them, wouldn’t it have been some sort of relief for them to be able to enjoy the optional benefit without having to start over? I don’t know. I’m just thinking out loud.

What do you guys think? … More Interesting Dating Options

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