Red or Blue pill anyone?

It kind of reminds me of the concept of Noise of the Market. Of course, the story is different but the similarity is there are a lot of distractions on a football field when there’s a match in play. However, a good player knows that his best bet is never to take his eyes off the ball.

So I was looking through Instagram last night and I stumbled upon this picture message about red pill and blue pill. The blue pill is to take you back 10years while the red makes you an instant billionaire. The comments were interesting. A lot of people said they would take the red pill stating that money would erase all passed mistakes, make everything better, is the answer to every problem and makes every problem more tolerable. Although, of course, it’s not a good idea to turn down money, I should know – I’m a woman. Other people commented they would take the blue pill and go back 10years to fix everything and perhaps even be able to make more than a billion worth in money. I remember I saw a comment that chose both (the red and blue pill). Now if that were possible, I would fall into that category – to take both pills.

Going back 10years won’t be a bad idea, at least not for me and taking a pill to be an instant billionaire might be good as well. You might sense my hesitation about taking the red pill. I’m very conscious about things that turns you around instantly, like a slimming pill or tea that’s guaranteed to work really fast or an easy way out of anything. Maybe I have a fear for an ever faster boomerang when it decides to turn on you. So, in this case, if I take the red pill making me an instant billionaire, I might be constantly looking over my shoulder. And in any case, that wouldn’t be my first option because in becoming a billionaire, I don’t believe it takes away problems, not if they are not money related problems. Imagine a single mother who is in need of love, warmth and strength, I don’t imagine money take away her problems. Or a divorcee who’s desperately anxious, questioning if anything can be ok again. Or a victim of domestic violence who only wants everything to be normal in the relationship. Or a person seeking love and affection and attention, does being an instant billionaire take their want away? Maybe going back 10years doesn’t either but perhaps, knowing what we know now, maybe going back 10years to fix things wouldn’t be a bad idea.

What do you think?
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