The face of entrepreneurship

In light of my previous post on building successful careers, I would like to explore a more in-depth satisfaction and balance to doing the things that you love while creating time for every other thing/people that you love as well.

I once read that the greatest achievers are dreamers. I didn’t understand it at first but I came to appreciate it almost immediately after realizing the power of an initial conception of an idea if strategized rightly. A friend uses the slogan ‘Success is 99% persistence and 1% passion’ as his email signature. It caught my attention, pulling me back to my self-realization and how I’m doing in regards to the things I dreamed of doing. Even Thomas A. Edison states that “Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% is inspiration”. There has been and still is an increasing percentage, and even more of realization, into the entrepreneur-fold.

I have a lot of thoughts embedded in me, thoughts on how to help someone else be better, help someone else make more informed decisions, help youths be better for themselves and the community. I haven’t concluded on a better way to reach out other than writing. I am open to other ways though. In the meantime, I know I am inclined by my style of living to body consciousness and fashion. I hope to via into this as my retirement business, as a gift to myself eventually. But I do know people who are more passionate and inclined to growing businesses, both theirs and others’, out of a dynamic market need to meet a larger need. These set of people are at more advantage of creating wealth from multiple sources for almost, if not, a lifetime.

In the increasing conviction of the corporate world of constant downsizing and reallocation of manual labor to mechanical, it has become imperative for us all to dig deep and find something else, extra, or even full time to engage in so that we ourselves can become a wealth creator and perhaps eventually, an employer of labor. It’s about time that we are fed up of that one unpredictable source of inflow and device many sources to build that resourceful bottom-line we desire for a comfortable retirement.

So what do you need to look out for in the mirror the next time you’re there? You need to identify in you the face of an entrepreneur, a go-getter. The face of the entrepreneur who is an ardent dreamer, with enough fire-power in the belly, a zealous pursuit, a mighty purpose to fill a need and build sufficient force fields to enable you make the world a better place while reaping some economic rewards for doing so and not the other way round.

It’s not too late to begin with a dream. Neither is it too late to dig out your dream where you once left off.
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