Myth or Truth: Women with successful careers are not always so lucky in their personal lives

In the days of my mother, more women were willing to stay back home and look after the family and they were contented doing so. Fathers provided with dignity and integrity attached to every responsibility. Now, more and more women seem to be getting more interested in taking the bull by the horn, working to earn their share of the cake. It’s, however, still a debate in the church whether a woman’s place is at home taking care of the family or on the field, plowing it to bring home some virtuous spoils. Either way, I don’t see the men complaining about enjoying in the spoils.

Yet, it has been in the rumors that women who tend to be successful in their fields are incapable of holding down the home front. I know a few women who have been carried away by the success and attention at work that they can barely afford quality time with their families, praying earnestly for their partner to understand their inability to be available. However, in the end, they have had a repentance of sort, wishing they had made more time to be with their families, getting to know and appreciate every milestone and development being a true mother and house keeper in the intent of womanhood. Because really, after all that is said and done, the best things in life are free.

However, how and when is working for a woman too much? Is it totally unnecessary to put time and effort into building a career or business? As expected of a man to live inheritance for his children, I should suppose so it is a woman. We (both men and women) all face the downside of losing quality time with our families if we are not careful to draw the line into a work-life balance so I’d say it is pretty unfair to emphasize the accusation on women. A good number of women have more to offer than their partners want to give them credit for, believe me.

I believe it is possible, though not easy but attainable, to have the best of both worlds as a woman. The key to it is finding that work-life balance that works for you. If you have reservations, comments or suggestions, please drop them in the section below. Let’s learn together.

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More Myth or Truth: Women with successful careers are not always so lucky in their personal lives

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