It’s not easy but it’s worth every day

getting older

It’s been an unusual week so far, I don’t know about you. And I can’t help it but the past few days I’ve been feeling rather overwhelmed by a lot of goings on around me – work, family, today, tomorrow and whatever else seem to be roaming around my head. And I thought, it sure is hard to be a grown up. If only I could go back 10years and live without these adult responsibilities. I wish! Would it have stirred my life a different course? But definitely I would be less apprehensive about everything today. But then I came across this quote above and I immediately felt grateful.

In truth, life’s struggles have its way of making us feel burdened but I am encouraged to see life as a privilege, forget my age (if I can), and live in every moment, embracing every day and having fun growing older. It is a privilege denied to many. I’m just going to count my many blessings instead.

I needed to encourage myself! I hope I encouraged you too.

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