A place of rest

I like to watch Indian movies and before you think you know why, it’s not only for the unrealistic romance and happy endings they portray. For what it’s worth the pictures and stories are better than Nigerian movies and that’s dating back as far as the 80s. And even when they copy American movies, Nigerian movies would still not measure up to the copied edition. Anyway, my subject this morning isn’t about Indian, Nigerian or American movies but it’s about one character I wish to make an example of – Saloni.

I was in church one Sunday morning and the pastor must have mentioned something about grace, answered prayers and moving into your rest. That was when I thought about Saloni. Remember when I said Indian movies are about unrealistic romance, they could be unrealistic alright but I believe that the story of Saloni is one that transcends beyond answered prayers and entering into your place of rest. Life, peace, joy, happiness, and love. All these things are journeys, not a destiny so at every juncture of life we find ourselves, there is always something ahead waiting to be conquered.

Saloni is a dark skinned Indian girl looked at as an outcast despite being born to parents of fair skin. Her younger sister didn’t like to associate with her for this purpose. Only her aunty encouraged her and stood by her always. When she had lost all hope of ever finding a suitor, she met the bone of her bone and flesh of her flesh and they all lived happily ever after? No! It was only the beginning of greater challenges to come in her life. You see, her husband had been married before and was accused of killing his first wife. Only Saloni was eager to find evidence that her husband was innocent. Once that battle was won in court, her sister-in-law’s elder sister who was brought into their home to be a surrogate for her sister became the biggest thorn in the family. Saloni was always in constant battle with her. Then the supposed first wife to her husband resurfaced under the pretext of being a twin. Her husband believed her and took her in at the detriment of his marriage. Then Saloni herself was accused of infidelity and thrown out of the house. Back and forth like that. The family’s enemies always saw Saloni as a threat standing in their way of destroying the Singh family but with Saloni’s persistence, prayers and faith, no one was able to successfully overthrow the family. Until her sister-in-law’s sister succeeded in breaking her by killing her husband. Saloni became a widow but was still devoted to protecting her family and she succeeded eventually but only after the death of the beloved husband she found with difficulty in the first place.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. If you can’t be persistent to see a thing through, better not to start it at all. My point here is, life is in phases, we win some and we lose some. Winning some doesn’t interpret into a place of rest. The next place is also a battle to be conquered until the day we die. Be more careful that you don’t let your guards down assuming you have conquered all. From grass to grace but even grace itself is in need of devout maintenance. Work out your salvation constantly with fear and trembling. Either way, you might have a happily ever after but it doesn’t mean you would have won it all.
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