Tuesday Morning Dejavu

Hi People,

Driving to work in traffic this morning and I can’t remember how I got thinking of my childhood – the things that molded me, the ideas that formed me and the trials and journey through it all. It wasn’t easy growing up, I must admit. It wasn’t pretty either but those years are what formed me into what and who I am today. It’s not in the new friends or new things I learn along the way. Sometimes they have their good influence and other times they may just be a distraction from where I dreamed of being.

I was having a conversation with some of my colleagues yesterday about how people sometimes have misplaced priorities and take the less important things too serious. No one can live your dreams, no one also will walk you to your dreams but when you get there, people want to celebrate with you. That’s, of course, if you are lucky enough to discern right from wrong, important from distraction, walking out your salvation with sacrifices, fear and trembling.

Have you forgotten your dreams from days of youth? Or perhaps you’ve been distracted so much you don’t even think of your dreams anymore? Or you have just gotten comfortable with flowing with the crowd and pleasing irrelevant people or just everyone generally? Your life is yours. The pains thereof, the joys, the sacrifices and benefits you work out is yours to reap consequentially. People are important as well but you need to quickly discern the role of ‘people’ in your life or towards achieving your dream.

Have a fulfilled Tuesday.


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