Changing Phases


The only thing permanent in life is change

One day, you’re up

The next, you’re down

One day, you’re bright

The next, you’re blue

It’s nothing to do with moods

Its life

The changes we experience

Sometimes they are for our good

Other times, they aren’t good for us

But it doesn’t change what is going to change in our lives

Over all, changes are to make us stronger, wiser, and bolder

Through changes, we learn something new to help us become better persons

Milestones, even developmental milestones are changes

Healthy changes, progressive changes, change in phases

How are you letting the changes in your life affect you?

Be open to them, some may require resilience too

And see that only you have the power to steer these changes in the direction you want them to go

It’s called changing phases

Enjoy it while building beautiful memories through it … More Changing Phases

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