A kiss on the forehead

forehead kiss

In my vulnerable state

When in need of love, in need of comfort and assurance

He could have held me and told me all will be well

But he looked at me, deep into my eyes

I saw that man that is him

And he saw me in me in the nakedness of my weakness

Thrown, tired and helpless

He began to move close, his eyes never leaving mine

Until it reached the point where I could see it no more

I felt his breadth upon my face and the softness of his lips upon my forehead


I was caught unawares

For he had, perhaps unknowingly, showed me respect in exchange for my weakness

He had just kissed me with the deepest implications of love and trust

Because his intentions were devoid of any obligations

It says to me ‘I may like you as a friend,

I may like you as a partner,

I may want to throw you up against a wall

But right now,

I don’t need anything more from you other than to assure you of my adoration for you’.

This, for me, is the intimacy

Because you have seen me just the way I am

And you have loved me just the way you perceived me

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