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I have wanted to write on this subject since Tuesday but it’s not as pleasant to write about as it is to get the campaign against this out there. A friend of mine sent me a video sometime in 2013. I love her but I couldn’t restrict myself from letting her…

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10 Questions That Deepens Your Connection With Your Partner 

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This is a featured post written by a seasoned writer, psychologist and a counsellor. Margarita Tartovoski is an associate writter at Her articles are inspiring, on-point and above board. A lot stand to be gained from her wealth of experience in relationship counselling. Stay with me as I…

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Choosing a life partner

Opposites often attract. Did you ever think that it was a cruel joke that most of us find ourselves attracted to people very much unlike us? But consider the possibility that those differences that can seem so problematic may actually be the very things that add spice and passion to your relationship. We may be drawn to people out of needs and desires that are unfulfilled in our lives, such as a desire for security, love, support, and comfort. So if like things are supposed to repel, why is a woman attracted to another woman? Or why is a man attracted to another man? Or why is a conservative person attracted to an introvert? These things defile the law of nature – go forth and multiply. How do you multiply your talent and skills or expand and grow your potential when you are limited by your own mind and in the decisions you are making?

So here are a few things I think one should have at the forefront of mind when choosing a life partner. That type of partner who compliments you, who is strong in your weakness, who is knowledgeable in your grey areas, who buys into your dreams and has the know-how to actualize your dreams and maximizes your potential.
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