Cheating Spouses: On the Issue of Infidelity

So I was minding my business, flipping through the pictures on Instagram when I came across these controversial image messages.

I looked to see what people’s thoughts on these are and I thought it’d be interesting to share. Perhaps, you can join in the fun (or something).

On this:


Someone said: For men, it’s the greatest betrayal. A man can forgive a woman almost anything but infidelity sinks deep and somehow lingers in their memory forever

Another said: You’re very very very very very right. But my dear, if an adulterous woman is given a chance to defend herself, you’ll realize a greater % of them can be LOGICALLY justified.

It’s interesting to read people’s opinion on this. I know someone, a man, who once told me that if his partner cheats on him, he would really want her to just tell him the truth and fess up. So I asked – how would you then feel if he did cheat on you? And he said – I would want to know so I can understand why she did it. If it’s something I did or said wrong, I can learn from it and we can move on but not till I f*@k some sense into her. That was by far the weirdest reaction I expected from a man to a cheating or cheated spouse.

On this:


Some answered: In no particular order, I will make my submissions based on cultural, religious and social backgrounds:

  1. Women are like padlocks while men are like the key; any lock that is opened by many keys are termed ‘ashawo padlock’. Whatever that it’s meant to secure is not safe. So what do you do in most cases, change the lock. On the other hand, any key that opens many locks is regarded as a ‘master key’ and such a key is cherished and kept for a long time.
  2. In the beginning of creation, Eve defiled the union she and her husband, Adam, had with God by accepting Lucifer’s advice to eat the forbidden fruit and that was tantamount to accepting to bleep another man while you are with another. To punish them for their offense, God cursed the woman directly with pains of childbirth and declared that a woman’s wish will forever be subject to that of a man. On the part of Adam, God cursed the ground for Adam’s sake instead of cursing him directly, which wasn’t a fair judgement to me. The same sin but different punishment.
  3. Mary Magdalene was caught in the act of adultery: red-handed. The people chose to punish only her and nothing was mentioned of the man she engaged in adultery with.
  4. In African culture, a man pays the bride price of a woman and that is like certificate of ownership or authority over the woman. You may not believe it but this is the way slaves were bought back in the days. A slave can’t act like the master and go scot-free.
  5. Going back to the Bible again, he that finds a wife… bla bla bla. This also puts women at odd with men. This is to say the man does the hunting and searching; when he finds her, she becomes his game. He can deal with his game if it starts playing with another hunter. But he, the hunter, can play with other games.
  6. You will agree with me that before the emergence of Christianity, African cultures allowed a man to marry more than one wife and to have concubines. Despite civilization and cultural emancipation, a man can bleep as many women as he can and get away with it but not a woman.
  7. Paul told the Corinthians that the only basis upon which a marriage can be dissolved is on the ground of infidelity. Women are the worst hit.

And I rest my case. What are your thoughts on what’s acceptable and what’s not?

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