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It gives me great pleasure when I can be of help, encouragement, bringing pleasure and fulfillment to someone else’s day by my little medium of writing. One of my fellow favorite blogger called me a ‘quiet blogger’ once and I struggled to understand what it means to be a quiet blogger. Either way, I am happy to give you something to read. … More Bloggers appreciation award

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Cheating Spouses: On the Issue of Infidelity

Someone said: For men, it’s the greatest betrayal. A man can forgive a woman almost anything but infidelity sinks deep and somehow lingers in their memory forever

Another said: You’re very very very very very right. But my dear, if an adulterous woman is given a chance to defend herself, you’ll realize a greater % of them can be LOGICALLY justified.

It’s interesting to read people’s opinion on this. I know someone, a man, who once told me that if his partner cheats on him, he would really want her to just tell him the truth and fess up. So I asked – how would you then feel if he did cheat on you? And he said – I would want to know so I can understand why she did it. If it’s something I did or said wrong, I can learn from it and we can move on but not till I f*@k some sense into her. That was by far the weirdest reaction I expected from a man to a cheating or cheated spouse.
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