Being mindful of our relationship with God: Buying & Selling in the Temple

business as usual

Remember how Jesus Christ got upset? Perhaps, it was recorded only once in the Bible. He visited the Temple on entering into Jerusalem and He saw the people buying and selling (Mark 11:15). He got upset basically because those who are originally of God (the House of Israel) were the ones who turned the House of God into a marketplace. Before then, we read in the book of Matthew how He had guarded the food of the children jealously, not giving it to those whom He hadn’t be sent to (Matt 15:26-27). And here was the people of God disregarding the business of God.

It’s easy to look back on the people from the Bible days and get confident that we would have done things differently. But how are we now different from those people? When we come to church with different intentions, purposes and aims from what the Pentecostal reason for going to church is? Are we now not upsetting Christ again by our attitude in church? See here for 10 wrong reasons I think people go to church.

Redirect your goal. Set it right again and be mindful to do the business of He who sent Christ to give up himself that you might be counted as sons and daughters of God.

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