Funny how the mind wanders!


wandering mind

Hi People!

Have you ever laid down to sleep and your mind begins to recap and rethink those things you did, those you could have done better and those ones you wished you had controlled yourself over and not done? I suppose it is a good thing so it would guide us to be better people in our dealings for the next day.

But does it also happen to you that once your mind starts off on a thought, it begins to link to various other things that by the time you realized your mind had been wondering, you don’t even remember where your thoughts started from? Funny, right? I bet that’s how a lot of us are.

If I may share a terrible secret here, sometimes even when I pray, I think my mind wonders off sometimes, not often I hope. I think it’s called mind-wandering. It is sometimes referred to as task-unrelated thought(s) which is the experience of thoughts not remaining on a single topic for a long period of time, particularly when people are not engaged in an attention-demanding task.

Have you noticed this happens to you? When and how frequently does it happen to you?

7 thoughts on “Funny how the mind wanders!

  1. Happens to me all the time. You’re right, if your mind is not occupied with constructive thought, when it wanders. And not just at night! Mind wandering, day dreaming, soul searching are not the same. Mind wandering is fruitless and often leads to feelings of guilt and regrets, which is why it’s important to recognize when it’s happening and to quickly shift your mind. Once you recognize the difference, the more you realize how often you’re doing it and the quicker you can shift your mind to something more constructive 😉
    Great post xx

  2. Mind wandering happens especially when the other person is not making much sense or saying things that do not captivate me. Mine is a conscious thing. I purposely go mind wandering.

      1. Trust me, it works every time. If the other person asks, ‘do you understand?’
        ‘Huh? What was your last statement?’….😁

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