Mummy, what do we do in Easter?


Hi People!

So Lent is over and I felicitate and celebrate with my sisters and brothers who were able to partake of this holy experience. So now we look forward to Easter.

My daughter asked me, mummy what do we do in Easter? I wondered why a 4 year old would want to know that, apart from knowing its a time of celebration. Good curiosity though. I guess it shows she’s got a thinking and intelligent mind.

So what do we do in Easter? It’s a time we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was accused based on false interpretation of His Words knowingly by those who deliberately wanted Him out of their way. Kings were threatened by Him and the Church was intimidated by Him. So what better way to silence Him than to crucify Him. But He had said that He would destroy the Temple and rebuild it in 3 days but the people didn’t understand Him, as usual. So we celebrate the salvation of our soul on the day Jesus died. His sole purpose was this – to set the captives free and deliver the helpless. When He died, we were made free and the rose on the third day. Death was defeated when Jesus Christ was risen from the grave. He died to take away our sins, our shame and by His death, we are free forever.

So to my daughter, we celebrate at Easter because Jesus Christ died and rose again. We celebrate the death and resurrection. We celebrate the salvation of our souls. We celebrate because we are free. And most importantly, I remember that Jesus Christ first loved me so much that He willingly died so that I might be made whole.

Hallelujah! Amen.
Happy Palm Sunday.

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