Disney’s Dream Big Princess Ad: Thanks Disney

I am excited about everything that has to do with my children. Naturally, I want to see them grow, excel, be the best they can be and explore every means to motivate and encourage them. So when I see on TV, Disney’s Dream Big Princess Ad, I am thrilled. I get goose pumps watching it, seeing the intensity of the excitement and belief in my children’s eyes for what they didn’t even know they could be. Like a politician, an astronaut and an archer. Thanks Disney for this campaign. Thanks for giving the children the opportunity to believe they can be graceful and powerful at the same time.
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Staying relevant in the era of productivity

Forget Nigeria, I guess the world is also merely thriving in these trying times. Just yesterday, I was watching a program on CNN and it was speaking, verbatim, the language of most companies in Nigeria now. Productivity. What is productivity anyway?

“The effectiveness of productive effort (achieving a significant amount or result), especially in industry, as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input”.

I suppose this covers everything – every company’s expectation of their employees and everyone’s expectation of themselves basically. So from day one of any venture at all – careful planning, excellent execution and successive consistent delivery of exceptional result is very key. In the words of a professionally accomplished young Ireland woman I know, “put yourself out there. No one will necessary give you the platform to succeed until you take the bulls by the horns and be counted”.

In the usual exercise of a lot of companies, re-org, downsizing, and lay-off, whatever you what to call it, over the last few years, millions of people have found themselves involuntarily out of work—too often through no fault of their own, notwithstanding the conscious effort to deliver and be productive. Unfortunately, this exercise has come to stay. But whether the reason you lost your job has everything to do with your perceived performance, or absolutely nothing, it’s how you respond in the wake of it that will set you apart from others before the next job surfaces. A proactive and positive mindset will differentiate you from the masses, making all the difference in how “lucky” you get in an unlucky economy. It will even determine whether you one day look back on this time with some measure of gratitude for what you gained from it—whether it was the chance to re-evaluate your life, spend extra time with your family, re-strategize on spends and savings, or to simply re-affirm what matters most.
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