11 Ways Negativity Is Ruining Your Happiness (& How to Change)

Sigh! A breadth of fresh air is needed from time to time. Life ain’t easy

Dream Big, Dream Often

I had a thought last week that I have been contemplating a lot and figured it might be worth writing about.  I know negative people that realize they are negative, but I am not so sure they fully understand the impact negativity is having on their professional and personal lives.

So I compiled a list of 11 ways negativity is ruining your happiness and how to change it:

  1. Being negative pushes away positive influences and attracts more negative people.
  2. A negative personality will result in isolation, which can create loneliness
  3. Negative personalities are less likely to recognize opportunities
  4. Having negative tendencies can cause cynicism
  5. Negative thinking usually prevents individuals from seeing the progress they’ve made in life.
  6. A negative mind can create resentment towards others
  7. Negative people are less likely to show compassion
  8. Having a negative viewpoint inhibits healthy relationships
  9. The negative thinker’s inability to see the good in themselves…

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