Catching up!

Hi People,

Thank you all for showing me love on my birthday. I’m still relishing in the birthing of my new age 🙂 . Love you all.

So this month has been quite challenging, taking on added responsibilities at work, experiencing exciting exposures as an author, planning and celebrating my children’s birthdays too and some other distractions. But above all, I longed and struggled to visit some of my favorite blogs this month. I’ve only also managed to post a little too. I miss reading from you guys, catching up and contributing to your posts.

So my dad invited me as a forum to celebrate my second book, The Essence of Life, to a Book Festival at his educational schools. I had wanted to share the experience since the 3rd of March but hey, see my challenges in the paragraphs above :p

I was honored and humbled when two secondary school students reviewed and appraised my book, picking clearly from the session how they too inspire to do something so praiseworthy at a tender age. A few credible book lovers and educationists also graced the occasion, stressing the need to awaken the love and awareness for reading, especially from hard copy and not on e-copy all the time.

See pictures below:





I had a swell time and my dad thought I was smashing. I wouldn’t expect him to think otherwise actually.

We ought to celebrate books more often and do less of social media, if you are conversant with the memes flying around there.

Read a book today, read to your children too and share the fun.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


9 thoughts on “Catching up!

    1. Thank you. Will do, definitely. A detailed review is coming up soon. Target audience, everything really. I don’t know any age limit to finding The Essence of Life.

  1. Wow! Big congratulations Buki,the pink does suits you. I agree with you on encouraging our children to read and also reading with them. I read a story to them the other day and I must confess it felt great after a long while of not doing that. Grace multiplied for greater exploits.

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