Don’t take yourself too seriously, he said

Lydia likes to plan herself and assess situations before diving in. she likes to think and re-think, analyze and ask questions at least to eliminate the dangers ahead. She knows she cannot guarantee all will be well but she wants to be sure she has done her homework and minimized every possible downturn. Is that a wise practice?

Man proposes but God disposes. Lydia knows she can plan all she wants but it doesn’t eliminate the unexpected sudden blessings that will come her way or avert the unanticipated failures that she will experience. It’s all part of the beauty of life. Yes – beauty. If we were to know everything, then we wouldn’t have to try anymore. We wouldn’t have to learn. We wouldn’t have to even serve God because then we would be Gods ourselves.

These things cloud her thoughts. Confusion and frustration sets in when things aren’t going her way. Lydia’s wish is to be the perfect servant to God, daughter to my parents, wife to one husband, and mother to her children. It is possible, isn’t it? But then he says to Lydia, don’t take yourself too seriously. Even Lydia wishes she doesn’t overthink everything all the time.

What would be your advice to Lydia and everyone in like regard?
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