The beginning and ending of your online relationship

In a world where singles are becoming frustrated waiting for the perfect guy, the kind of guy who ‘makes your blood hot and wakes you with butterflies in your stomach’. Sigh! Blood hot indeed… isn’t that hypertension? I’m sorry. I’m a hopeless romantic myself so I’m not meaning to hurt anyone’s feelings. But the truth is true love is indeed hard to find. Very few people are fortunate to find it and if perchance they become unfortunate to lose it, they may never find it again.

So in the frustration of desperately wanting to be in a relationship, the option of dating online I suppose stares you in the face. There must be a lot of dating and meeting platforms online these days. You can to meet people who tend to be articulate, telling you exactly those things you want to hear. Looking at their pictures, you are so sure you’ve found that special one only for you. Hold up! Please note, that these social mediums are what it is – make believe. Damn, not even pictures are real anymore with all the filtering options on your smartphone. So how are you sure you are talking to that person whom you’ve painted the perfect picture of a beautiful future with?

Or perchance you meet him/her, is he/her the same as the pictures – lucky you! But is she/he as articulate as they seem to be in your chats? Are they as warm as you perceive from a distance? Are they sweet? Everything you perceive them to be? Everything you want them to be? If so and they are that amazing, how come they haven’t been bagged before you came along? What happened in their relationship or previous relationship if you are that lucky?

I’m a firm believer in asking questions. I like to know everything, even though I can’t get all the answers in one sitting or even get the right answers all from one person. But I don’t like to be carried away with the fancy face or scenario and forget the important thing(s).

Note, too, that online relationships are best kept where you picked them up – online. You may find that you are unable to communicate as freely as you were while chatting or unable to co-exist as you dream of. No matter how unhappy you think you are, frustrated and desperate, you need to go into any relationship with all your senses wide awake. And grabbing someone from the internet might not be for you. Whoever is for you, you need to know the person, understand what you are getting into so that when you do, you alone will be responsible for your decision, not your perception of what was not.
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Getting older or what?!

Hi people!

Great weekend it was, yea?

It was restful for me, quiet and normal. Not until I got to work this morning and all I’m hearing is, how did you spend your valentine’s day yesterday? Like seriously, don’t let today be a drag already.

Don’t get me wrong, I love surprises. I love parties. I love love … urr … or maybe I used to. I don’t know anymore. Can I blame it on maturity? Growing responsibilities? Tiredness? Whatever it is, I am grateful for one thing … crap that, I’m grateful for a lot of things – family, work, good health and life. So yes, that’s how my Valentine’s Day went. It went and I am still grateful.

Now Easter, that’s a celebration to look forward to. 😀

Have a great day y’all.
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