How my Dad saved me from marrying Nonso, the hustling hustler

I was listening to the radio the other day and they were discussing the types of men you find in Lagos. It was an interesting topic. I can’t remember all the types of men that were discussed but one stayed with me – Nonso, the hustling hustler.

Nonso is the kind of man who takes up all kinds of odds jobs just to keep up lifestyle and appearances. Any vocation becomes his job and he is convinced he is making an honest living.

Honest, maybe but I doubt it’s sustainable. And it reminded me of how my father saved me from marrying such a man. Oh well, not that I would have anyway. I wasn’t looking at it from the unsettling hustling routine angle but from the angle that I didn’t even like the guy enough to claim to be in a relationship with him. I remember he was also so proud to show me off to his circle of friends who didn’t have a stable source of income like him. Whenever I was out of the country, he would deliberately call me when his friends were there just to convince them his girlfriend was in London or America. That wasn’t attractive at all. It only made me want to not see him again. But you see, I had met him through a friend and I didn’t want to insult him which I would have easily done. I didn’t want to hurt from friend.

But the day my father, while having a Saturday gist, asked me if I was seeing anyone and I explained to him in an uninterested tone, he wanted to understand what the problem was. I told him what ‘Nonso’ had claimed to be doing and he was so scared he said, thank God you are not interested. Cut the ties. That was easy for me to do, even easier to have as excuse for my friend who had introduced us.

Really, how does a man live on circumstantial living and hope to settle down with a decent woman? Those you slave in the offices still have their bad financial situations, talk less of mediocre hustling? Seriously Nonso, get a life!
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…And it’s the month of love

Hi people!

Happy new month to all you lovelies out there. It was an amazing yesterday and I am more hopeful and geared up for a better today … and it’s a new month too. The month of love, oooooh!

So if you don’t have love for me, words of encouragement, a can-do attitude and a winning mindset, move over. Don’t draw me back to yesterday, let’s focus on today and put our strengths in for tomorrow. In which case, tomorrow will only be better with a considerable amount of work and lots of faith.

Have a great week.

Buki xoxo
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