To react or not to react?

Messy businesses are all over the place.

They said he said that I said …

I did this but didn’t imply what he said …

She spoke to a friend who is best friends with her friend …

We both agreed on this but when we separate, I decided to damn the consequences of …

In these circumstances, when one of two or more parties have these messy businesses, what to do? Do you advise the defending party to react or to ignore the defiant attacks of the other party? If the other party doesn’t react, is that considered as weakness or wisdom (to ignore)? If the other party reacts, doesn’t that give more grounds for the fight to fester?

What do you think?
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It’s not a secret if more than one person knows

” I’ve always been attracted to older men.” She said. “They are more mature, responsible, and experienced.” She surveyed the room of coworkers she was having lunch with and disregard the deafening silence and awe stricken faces and continued on to say, “I never want children. They are annoying and too much work.” At that … More It’s not a secret if more than one person knows

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After eating comes the shake off

The holiday is officially over and work has stared into full gear once again

But a lot when down during the holiday … chicken, turkey, rice, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic, carbonated and non-carbonated sodas).

At first, the sound was hmmmmmm

Then I felt like urghhhhhh

My tommy hurts, this heart-burn and indigestion needs immediately attention

It’s time for the shake off – gym time?It’s time for the shake off – gym time?

What to do? Gym, home low intensity exercises for the next 3months or 28days diet program?

The time is now, shake off time.

Gotta return to my comfortable size 10 …

I know it’s not an unachievable size but hey, that’s the best I wanna be given I’m a mummy anyway

Who’s with me?

Share you weight loss program for the year and let’s encourage one another through it.

Good luck!

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I appreciate my followers

Happy new year to y’all once again. 2016 has undoubtedly started off on a brilliant note. May no one cast an evil eye on this brilliance.

Wordpress was in fact one of my strongholds in 2015. I met wonderful bloggers here, followed some brilliant blogs, and had some amazing wonderful people follow me as well.

Sometimes, I feel I’ll be out of ideas to keep my page alive forever but once I know I still have thoughts, I know I will always find something to write. I only pray its good enough to keep engaging my readers. I don’t aim to disappoint.

So here’s me raising my glass to those who made 2015 a bearable year and looking forward to a better 2016!
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Happy 2016 Everyone

Happy New year everyone! Wooohooo! Yes, it’s 2016 in Nigeria already 😀 I did say I cried less in 2015 and already, even the seasons agree it’s going to be an awesome year in 2016. I am grateful for a splendid cross over, thankful for family and hopeful for a lot more. What are some … More Happy 2016 Everyone

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