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I have wanted to write on this subject since Tuesday but it’s not as pleasant to write about as it is to get the campaign against this out there.

A friend of mine sent me a video sometime in 2013. I love her but I couldn’t restrict myself from letting her know never to send me such videos ever again. She said she only meant to keep me informed and aware of the possible evils in the society. Don’t get me wrong, I never assumed we live in a sane world where everyone is considerate and human. But you see, I have a daughter and it became a nightmare to have watched that video, despising the effect of the content of that video on a little baby girl. I couldn’t sleep with my eyes closed for nights, watching over my daughter like an overprotective mother-hen, suspecting every move towards my daughter. God forbid I have to suspect my husband or her older brother. It was that worrisome. But I guess I was able to come out of that hole.

Such evil, no doubt has always been in the society. Mind you, there’s nothing new under the sun. But I suppose the effrontery and viral spread of this vile act has become even more rampant these days. Child abuse is nothing compare to this newness of low in our society. Men no longer find pleasure in the opposite site. Heck, not even with same sex. Now, they turn to children? Innocent little ones whom the Lord gifts us from the directly from His Throne of mercy.

I have a father, a brother, a husband and a son whom I love and adore so I won’t generalize men. There are others too who are sane and full of the fear of God.

This is a call to STOP CHILD RAPE. Please, give these babies a chance to grow and live normal, even extraordinary lives so they can be free to do exploits like the Bible say they are for.

I have said my piece.

10 thoughts on “CHILD RAPE: STOP IT!

  1. I too find some videos circulation the interwebs completely inappropriate when shared with me. I know a lot happens, I am not naive, but I would rather not have that fear so awake and alive in my mind! Your piece has been heard.

  2. Buki, it’s really a shame what goes on in society and I can quite understand your feelings. The thing is also to start educating your daughter, not to make her uncomfortable or suspicious, but to make her aware.

  3. Beautiful post we need to creat awareness on this, because its becoming a rampant deal dis days. Nice write up God bless you.

  4. Reblogged this on itsallbuki and commented:

    Resonating my stand against child rape. Men, please, disallow the devil in you and stand to be counted for a positive revolution in our pestilent land. take 20 wives to satisfy your nonsense if you must but PLEASE, NOT THE CHILD!

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