Golden Rule


Do to others what you want done to you

So what if people don’t reciprocate what you do to them, what do you do?

In a marriage, when you have vowed to love in good times and in bad, and your spouse does not reciprocate your love, what do you do?

In a relationship, or not, when you give, do you expect your gift will return to you from same person? If it doesn’t, what do you do?

If all you know how to do is to be nice and considerate towards people, if you don’t get same reaction from people in return, what do you do?

We are not God. Only God can love, give and be faithful unconditionally.

Since we strive to be perfect just as He is perfect, would it be too much to be unconditionally towards one another?

Otherwise, if you give me, love me or are nice to me only because you expect me to do same, pardon me if I don’t reciprocate. I might not have the onus on me at that point to be what you want me to be.

I thought I should share this food for thought.

Good morning all.

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