10 wrong reasons why people go to church

What are the possible wrong reasons why people go to church?

Here are a few I could think of:
1.To get/ask something from God – of which the main purpose should be to serve God, regardless, unconditionally, gratefully.
2.To find potential husband – single ladies, holla! Whether or not a Christian brother can be a good husband or not is another subject on its own. Good luck to you.
3.To keep up appearance – with the intention of ‘the more you see, the more the person comes to mind’.
4.For social networking – that’s the in-thing anyway. Everywhere, the advantage to being relevant is networking and some people see no bounds to where they can go their networking.
5.To show off wardrobe – I personally know some people who have never worn a dress twice to church. How will you know they just bought the latest lace?
6.Special attachment to the Pastor – draw your conclusion from here
7.Benefits from church – perhaps because the church gives offers, throws parties, organizes functions, gives gifts or promotes social status.
8.Affiliation – when the church has large or small number of members who attend or important or influential people attend or the church building is large and beautiful, you can find people attending just to affiliate with the church.
9.Generational house of service – you find some people attending a particular church because they were born there or because their parents attended or are still attending the church. In most of these cases, the essence of worship is lost. It then becomes more of a responsibility.
10.Because everyone else is going to church – some people go to church plainly for the sake of adding to the number of church attendance. Nothing more.

Do you know some other wrong reasons why people go to church? Include them in the comment section and let’s share thoughts.
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