It’s not a secret if more than one person knows


” I’ve always been attracted to older men.” She said. “They are more mature, responsible, and experienced.”

She surveyed the room of coworkers she was having lunch with and disregard the deafening silence and awe stricken faces and continued on to say, “I never want children. They are annoying and too much work.” At that moment she turns to her 42 year old colleague and gave a quick smize. He wasn’t the only one who caught it.

She had been in and out of sexual relationships that ended up chipping away at her hope for a more settled future with someone and refused to see it as that. As modern, young, and independent as she was, she was also erratic, compulsive, and very emotional. The world she refused to live without was a boiling pot that occasionally bubbled over. Little did she know it would soon dry out.

He had 2 children, an ex-wife, and a demeaning and sleazy mindset that could get any man in trouble when he got found out. Like those men you see walking on Wall Street that are tossed in and out of court rooms for destroying the lives of millions of people. His pot was nearly dried out, and he left the fire burning.


“They think we are sleeping together. The whole office is talking about it and now our manager is asking him why his performance has been slipping.” She cried to her friend. “I did not come to this job to be sexually degraded. I’m not one of those girls.” She wiped her never ending tears. “I don’t know what to do because my manager is a piece of shit who has no backbone. The entire office laughs at him behind his back and he knows it.” She looked around the warm summer parking lot filled with new, designer cars and realized she wanted the financial security that came with the job. “I’ll just stay to myself and mind my own business.”

The night was winding down and everyone was going home to sleep off whatever they ingested throughout the night. Her friend, on the other hand, did not feel safe enough to drive so she spent the night on the couch. In the haze of the alcohol wearing off, she heard moaning and heavy breathing coming from the room. She was expected to have been asleep.

The next morning, she comes out of the room, indecent and made sure her friend was okay and had a good nights rest. She didn’t know this, but her friend knew for a fact the office was right. She HAD been sleeping with him and it was obvious she didn’t care about her brand in the office. Everything we do has consequences.

Thanks Anonymous for sharing this.

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