2015’s ending: Recounting 365 days


There’s no doubt that each year comes with its own ups and downs and no two years can be the same. Heck, not even any two days can be the same. We strive, hustle, aiming for better days year on year. It’s the end of another year and I am thankful for family, friends, work, innovation, initiative, today and hopeful for what tomorrow brings.

I have worked a year, non-stop this year. No relocation or moving houses – thank God! I have watched my children grow older, more intelligent and achieved more this year – and I almost had nothing to do with it. It’s all God and their devotion to shine. My husband and I have grown together, more matured and more responsible. I have cried less this year – yes, I used to be a cry cry baby but like I said, I’m more mature now and I deal with situations better.

For 2016, I am hopeful for a lot of things – in my family, with myself, at work, for my children, for finances and for my marriage – God willing.

What was your 2015 like and what are you hopeful for in 2016?

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